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Onduline Lightweight Roof

Onduline Roof


Whatever your roofing needs, ONDUVILLA® offers the ultimate

A solution of the future, ONDUVILLA® gives you an ideal alternative to concrete and clay tiles, as well as metallic tiles and shingles. They are watertight, reliable and eco-friendly. ONDUVILLA® is an unique and complete system that is well suited for renovations or new buildings, and it is perfect for all standard roofing structures. With their light and flexible materials, the tiles fit seamlessly with all types of diverse roof shapes and sizes, including light and uneven roof structures.

Discover the ONDUVILLA® difference

The wave of innovation is still moving in full speed ahead. Much more than a product range, ONDUVILLA® is a truly unique roofing solution and a complete system, offering you brilliant aesthetics, reliability and a wide choice of colors and looks.

Light weight

The extremely light weight nature of ONDUVILLA® Tiles ensures that the structural weight of the building can be reduced. ONDUVILLA® ensures significant dead load reduction when compared to traditional tiles. The excellent wind resistance offered by ONDUVILLA® is also a key factor for design.

Water proofing guaranteed

Backed by exclusive SealSmart technology, the elasticity of ONDUVILLA®s composite material allows it to shrink firmly around each nail, creating a permanently leak-resistant barrier.

And the waterproofing is secured thanks to double-embossment technology at the overlaps.

Eco Responsibility

ONDUVILLA® materials are composed of recycled fibers and natural pigments for coloration.

Like all Onduline® products, ONDUVILLA® contains no asbestos.

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Onduline Duro 235

  • Lightweight corrugated roofing material and wall-cladding material. Ideal for all types of applications. • Modern looking.
  • Easier installation, thanks to flat parts.
  • 10% Higher coverage surface.
  • Extra resistance to hot and humid climate.
Product characteristics
Length L 2000 mm
Width W 1045 mm
Thickness T 3 mm
Height of corrugation H 38 mm
Pitch of corrugation P 95 mm
Surface   2.09 m2
Weight   6.9 kg
Weight per m2   3.3 kg/m2
Corrugations + Flats 9 + 4
Coverage Surface (Roof Pitch > 15°) 1.74 sqm
Installation Procedure

To have a long lasting and guaranteed roof, it is mandatory to follow the fixing order and pattern.

  • ONDULINE® sheet shall be supported by purlins with maximum width distance of 45 cm. Fix the bottom purlins first.
  • 14 screws should be drilled per sheet.
  • 5 screws at each corrugation at the end overlap or eaves.
  • 3 screws at first intermediate purlin of the sheet.
  • 3 screws at second intermediate purlin of the sheet.
  • 3 screws at third intermediate purlin of the sheet.
  • Maximum overhand at eves should be 7 cm.
  • For the end overlap, use minimum 20 cm.
  • For the side overlap, use minimum 1 corrugation.
  • Fasten barge-board level with top of ONDULINE® sheet.
  • The ONDULINE® verge is then overlaid and nailed into position.
  • It is possible to use a ridge element forthis purpose.
  • Use a ridge plank to support the ridge.
  • The ridge element should be fastened at each corrugation of the overlapped sheet.
  • Add an extra purlin when necessary if the distance between the last purlin and the ridge is too wide.
  • Start fixing the ridge element at the opposite end of the roof from prevailing winds.
  • The ridge element should overlap the ONDULINE® sheet minimum 12 cm.
  • Lay ridge elements with a minimum overlap of 12.5 cm.
  • A ridge cap can be cut out of the flat part of a ridge element.


  • Fix valley board / trim purlin and line with ONDULINE® valley.
  • The vertical valley depth should be sufficient to allow the water to flow.
  • The sheets are cut across (parallel to the valley line).
  • The overhang is max 4 cm.
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